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Manage your PPA with ease

Forecast your revenue, run tenders and sign PPAs online through our one-stop PPA management platform. Stay in control with real data insights: see site-specific PPA price estimates, compare bids like-for-like and obtain maximum market reach. The simple and intuitive platform will help you make informed decisions, save time and achieve the best results.

PPA offtakers

ready to bid for your energy.

renewable generators

maximising the value of their PPAs through the platform.

installed capacity

using our market insight and tracking tools.

Grow all revenue streams

Capture additional revenue for your site through embedded benefits and renewable certificates. Our team of experts can help you optimise and manage all your renewable energy contracts. We can ensure you minimise risks and maximise the value of your assets.

Empowering renewable generators

Renewable Exchange is trusted by nearly 2000 independent generators, including private asset owners and major portfolio managers. The platform is available to generators of all sizes from single unit assets to multi-gigawatt projects. All renewable technologies are welcome including wind, solar, hydro and biomass.

Our mission

We’re here to make the renewable power trading market fair and transparent. We give you real market leverage providing access to the entire market, accurate data and functional software solutions. We help you de-risk your operations, amplify results and make the right decisions for your assets with confidence.

What our clients say

"By using best in class technology like the Renewable Exchange platform we are able to quickly run, evaluate and execute competitive tenders. Accessing a wider pool of suppliers in a simple and resource light manner has enabled us to respond to wholesale power price movements and optimise the execution of our PPAs without committing significant resources"

Testimonial Item

Darryl Murphy

- Head of Infrastructure at Aviva Investors

"The Renewable Exchange platform has helped us to achieve great pricing and the team have been very proactive through the process”.
“Simple and effective. What I love!”

Testimonial Item

Doug Friend

- CEO and Co-founder of Prescient Capital

“PPA management can be a skill that’s missing from some community organisations so PPA management platforms such as Renewable Exchange could well be very helpful to many other organisations in the future.”

Testimonial Item

Alex Ferraro

- Development Officer at Egni Co-op

“Renewable Exchange continues to deliver value for our assets in a transparent and dynamic way. The platform provides flexibility by allowing us to decide when we tender, and so enabling us to react quickly to market movements. The platform also allows us to select the counterparties with which we execute as required by our stakeholders.”

Testimonial Item

Jolyon Ridgwell

- Investment Manager at Blackfinch Investments

“The platform offered by Renewable Exchange has proved easy to use. The ability to log on daily to track the PPA markets has allowed us to improve our timing and reduce risk/increase revenue from our energy assets. We feel this level of involvement in the tendering process is of benefit, adding a proactive element with regards to site specific cash-flows and aspirations. Renewable Exchange have also supported us well in developing our knowledge about the sector enabling more informed decisions.”

Testimonial Item

Philip Hughes

- Manager Rhug’s Estate

“Using the Renewable Exchange platform allowed us to reach multiple offtakers at the same time and secure a more competitive price for our PPA. I’ve used the platform twice now, it makes PPA tendering simple and efficient and provides a much clearer view on bids obtained via the standardised results page. The team at Renewable Exchange are truly doing an outstanding job.”

Mark Lovie

- Director 4L Energy

“Renewable Exchange offered a simple and transparent way to sell our power. There were a large number of major parties bidding on our assets whom I wasn’t aware were participating in the market. Execution was straightforward and saved a lot of resources in our business.”

Testimonial Item

Thomas Milner

- ib vogt GmbH

“I have just used Renewable Exchange for the first time! I have two 80kw turbines and was delighted with the results that they achieved for me! I dealt with Kirsten who kept in contact with me regarding market movements. I am now receiving a much higher rate on my PPA contracts and would highly recommend them, wished I had used them sooner!”

Brian Candy

- Farmer Cornwall

“I manage a diverse fund of renewable generation assets including hydroelectricity, on-shore wind, biogas and AD. I found the Renewable Exchange platform extremely easy to use and by providing us with a daily renewal price for each of our sites we were able to time the market and execute the contracts when power prices spiked.”

Testimonial Item

Leif Beckers

- Investment Manager Albion Capital

“ Being a community hydro generator means we have to choose carefully when entering into a new contract and that can be very difficult when bids are framed differently. Renewable Exchange allowed us to compare bids from multiple offtakers on a like-for-like basis and we were able to onboard our new offtaker confidently, quickly and efficiently.”

Testimonial Item

Martin Petty

- Community Hydro Chairman Harlaw Hydro Ltd
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