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CleanEarth Energy – 46 PPAs locked in beyond 2024

September 22 2022

One of the main goals for Renewable Exchange has always been to simplify and standardise the process of contracting power purchase agreements. Why should you spend months analysing contracts, comparing offers and updating information when our technology is already making it quick and easy to get the best PPA price and lock in a contract online in minutes?

CleanEarth Energy have recently closed PPAs for 46 of renewable energy sites within minutes on the Renewable Exchange platform using the Lightning PPA – our standardised agreement allowing for immediate online contract execution. They choose Renewable Exchange to achieve the most competitive PPA prices and capture the highest market value for their assets.

Maximising the value of the export power is a strategic priority for any asset management company. Conscious of the impact the changing energy has on their export power revenue, CleanEarth team use the Renewable Exchange platform to track PPA price forecasts and be able to effortlessly tender their contracts in response to market developments.

CleanEarth first launched a PPA tender through the Renewable Exchange platform in February 2022. Their portfolio tender included 12 sites with a total installed capacity of 6MW. They timed their PPA tender perfectly to execute at elevated fixed-price levels for all sites.

Following the successful execution of the first portfolio PPA tender, CleanEarth decided to tender a second portfolio of wind, solar and multi-tech sites. Finally, in August, in response to continued increases in the power market, they tendered again for a further out contract starting in 2024.

The portfolio consisted of 46 sites in various technologies including wind and solar. Prices came through from 7 different suppliers and CleanEarth executed using Lightning PPA – the standardised contract developed by Renewable Exchange which allows for an immediate online execution of the agreement.

46 power purchase agreements were awarded and locked in within 12 minutes!

“The platform offered quick and easy comparison of multiple quotes for multiple generation sites coupled with unparalleled speed of execution.

We will definitely be back for more!” comments Sean Notley, Director at CleanEarth Energy.

Download the CleanEarth Energy case study in pdf format to share with your colleagues.

Renewable Exchange is a trusted partner for asset management companies, investment funds and renewable energy developers. If you’d like to start using the tools available on the Renewable Exchange platform register today or get in touch with our team of PPA Experts at [email protected]

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