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Rhosygilwen Solar Farm & the Renewable Exchange platform

December 14 2022

Renewable Exchange founder & CEO, Robert Ogden, saw the opportunity to empower generators with information and provide a marketplace designed to be fully transparent & easy-to-use for everyone. With a background in energy trading and software development, Rob set out to build the simplest & most automated way for people like Glen to connect with everyone in the market and be able to see all of their options in one place.

“The way you’ve set up the platform and service is incredible for people like us, because we can actually watch the price on a daily basis” comments Glen Peters, Director at Western Solar Limited

In this case study we take a closer look at the first large-scale solar farm in Wales: Rhosygilwen Solar Farm. Glen Peters is an avid eco entrepreneur & director of Western Solar Limited, a company dedicated to solar power generation and sustainable housing construction. He has been a Renewable Exchange platform user since 2019, a year after its initial launch in the market.

Site Expansion

In August 2022, Glen extended Rhosygilwen Solar Farm from 1.2 MW to 2 MW of installed capacity.

He approached Renewable Exchange early on to understand the possible impacts on his existing power purchase agreement (PPA). He then needed solar panels, frames, a solar engineer, and to find out from the DNO whether they had the connection capacity to make the project happen. Sourcing the materials in the UK proved difficult from a time-frame point of view. Glen sourced the panels and frames from abroad and got his engineer from his housing solutions projects to work on the technology.

Glen and Robert standing by renewable solar panels

Glen Peters (left) & Robert Ogden (right)

Glen got a team together to assemble the frames, install the 2,000 additional PV panels & set up the electricals. It was only 2 months later that the project was finished & he approached Renewable Exchange about renewing his PPA.

Using the Renewable Exchange platform

Glen first tendered through the Renewable Exchange platform back in 2019. He has since tendered two more times, in 2021 and most recently in August 2022 once the site expansion was complete.

When Glen first connected the site to the grid, all his efforts were in engineering and building, not in the power trading itself. This is where the Renewable Exchange platform came in and enabled him to easily compare the market and secure the best PPA prices.

“The information flow that you get back and forth on the market is really valuable”

Renewable Exchange is a trusted partner for asset management companies, investment funds and renewable energy developers. If you’d like to start using the tools available on the Renewable Exchange platform register today or get in touch with our team of PPA Experts at [email protected]

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