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Renewable Exchange

Our Story

Renewable Exchange was founded in 2016 by Robert Ogden with a goal of improving the power trading market. It is now the largest online platform connecting renewable energy generators and buyers to ensure a transparent and data-driven power trading process in the UK.

The Renewable Exchange PPA marketplace enables generators of any size to fully optimise and transact the sale of their electricity. It is now trusted by more than 1800 independent generators in the UK representing over 5.6 GW of installed capacity.

Working in the PPA industry, Robert Ogden realised that the renewable energy operators are at a disadvantage with little access to information about the power market and embedded benefits:

{I saw the opportunity to build a tech solution which would let people have that information and use it to contract PPAs quickly and easily online, all in one place.{

The huge success of the platform is seen through client endorsements and recommendations. “Nearly every other new customer registering on our platform comes through a referral. This speaks volumes about the value we deliver”, says Oliver Hunt, Head of Renewables.

Today, Renewable Exchange is the market-leading digital platform for PPA tendering and management. It has recently launched in Germany with plans to expand to other European countries over the next few years.

Renewable Exchange Robert Ogden
Renewable Exchange Our Story

Company growth timeline

December 2022 – Platform launch in Germany
August 2022 – 1500th PPA signed
November 2021 – Lightning PPA introduced
October 2021 – 1000th PPA signed
September 2021 – First international PPA signed
March 2021 – Platform 2.0 launched
February 2021 – 500th PPA signed
October 2019 – Minority investment secured
June 2019 – 100th PPA signed
March 2018 – Platform 1.0 launched and 1st PPA signed
September 2017 – Platform 1.0 start
August 2016 – Renewable Exchange was founded
Renewable Exchange Timeline

Our Values

We follow strong values that drive and motivate us.

  • Customer commitment:

    We focus on developing solutions that deliver real value to our customers and that focus on functionality and effectiveness. We take pride in helping our customers get better results.

  • Integrity:

    We hold high standards of integrity and stay independent. We drive industry change to bring equality and remove bias. We are true to our values in every aspect of our work.

  • Continuous improvement:

    We provide premium value, challenge what’s possible and always aim to go further and higher. We inspire positive change and look for solutions that deliver serious improvements and tangible results.

  • Teamwork:

    We achieve success by building on each team member’s strengths, knowledge and experience. We work together and support and inspire each other every day.

Renewable Exchange Values