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Renewable Exchange

The Renewable Exchange platform connects you to a market of offtakers for an effective PPA tendering process. Manage and understand your asset’s performance and the power market movements with accurate data and clear market insights.

How It Works

5 steps to secure a PPA

  1. Understand where the power market is at and if it’s the right time to tender using the PPA price forecast.
  2. Launch your PPA tender in 3 clicks. Set the bid submission date at a time convenient to you. Go out to the entire market or your select-few offtakers.
  3. View bids on a single results screen and compare them like-for-like with our smart results analytics.
  4. Decide which PPA offtaker you want to work with and select the winning bid.
  5. Accept and finalise the contract online.
Platform How It Works Renewable Exchange

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Platform How It Works Renewable Exchange