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ABO Wind - wind portfolio in Germany

633.80 KB 382 downloads

ABO Wind, a global project developer for renewable energies, chose Renewable Exchange to tender their first post-subsidy PPA for portfolio of wind sites coming off the German Government's support scheme (EEG). The site consisted of 7 wind turbines with a cumulative capacity of 4.2MW.


Blackfinch Energy

206.40 KB 43 downloads

Asset portfolio with 23 wind sites tendered through the Renewable Exchange platform and secured PPAs with 5 different creditworthy offtakers.
Blackfinch Energy is one of the early adopters of the Renewable Exchange platform and successfully tendered their PPAs multiple times using the PPA online marketplace.


CleanEarth Energy - 46 PPAs locked in beyond 2024

532.0 kB 33 downloads

CleanEarth Energy - one of the UK’s leading renewable energy developers, owners and operators with over 500 wind and solar PV assets installed across the country - uses the Renewable Exchange platform to achieve the most competitive PPA prices and capture the highest market value for their assets.

In August 2022, CleanEarth executed a portfolio PPA tender with 46 sites of mixed technologies and locked in fantastic PPA prices within minutes online by using the Lightning PPA.


Egni Co-op - community energy group

638.22 KB 36 downloads

Egni Co-op is a community energy group which owns and manages 25 solar assets. They tendered and executed PPAs for all 25 sites at once thanks to the Lightning PPA standardised contract.


Hillhead Wind - 180kW wind site in the Shetland Islands

421.09 KB 17 downloads

Hillhead Wind is a 2-turbines site in the Shetland Islands. Using the Renewable Exchange platform, the owner secured a PPA price increase of over £70/MWh for his next PPA by locking the price in at the right time - 7 months ahead of the contract renewal date.


Prescient Capital - solar sites in Southwest England

638.82 KB 26 downloads

Prescient Capital renewed PPAs for their two 5MW solar sites and secured an 80% price increase through the Renewable Exchange platform.


Resonance Asset Management - 21 wind PPAs secured in minutes

420.0 kB 19 downloads

Resonance Asset Management manages funds consisting of small and medium-sized wind farms across England, Scotland and Wales. In June 2022, Resonance used the Renewable Exchange platform to execute PPAs for 21 wind sites across two portfolio tenders.


Rhosygilwen Solar Farm Case Study

2194.94 8 downloads

Rhosygilwen Solar Farm is a 2MW solar PV site in West Wales. Site owner, Glen Peters, takes us through the site's expansion and experience using the Renewable Exchange platform.

    Other Downloads

    CfD PPAs - a brief explanation

    1.56 MB 68 downloads

    In this brief info sheet, we look at how to best structure your PPA if you've guaranteed a Contract for Difference. What type of Power Purchase Agreements should you look for and why it's important to still aim for the best PPA price.


    REGO Index update - February 2020

    191.05 KB 53 downloads

    REGO Index update developed by Renewable Exchange with independent verification by AFRY and commentary provided by REGEN.


    Variable-price PPA vs fixed-price PPA (infographic)

    186.13 KB 444 downloads

    Do you know the difference between the fixed-price and variable-price PPAs? Do you know which one is the right option for you? Use this infographic to quickly understand how variable-price and fixed-price PPAs differ and compare.