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3 award nominations for Renewable Exchange

October 28 2022

Nominations coming from left and right! In the past two weeks, we’ve been shortlisted for a total of 3 fantastic awards, encompassing all aspects of what we do: from leadership, through the service we deliver to our customers, to the solutions we create for our industry partners.

Renewable Exchange shortlisted for the Outstanding Service Award

Scottish Green Energy Award
A great recognition of the entire team’s efforts! Every day we work tirelessly to help renewable generators secure the best PPA prices for their export power, improve the transparency and standardisation within the energy trading industry and create more efficient and useful systems and data insights for all users.
The feedback we receive speaks volumes about the quality of service we deliver – wonderful reviews from our customers and partners. This nomination highlights not only our strong foothold in Scotland – which is where we started with the first ever contract – but also the value we deliver to all renewable generators in the UK and beyond. So to all our customers and partners – thank you for your trust and support on the journey getting us here today!

Robert Ogden shortlisted for the Young Energy Professional of the Year

Young Energy Professionals Award
A well-deserved nomination and a true statement of Robert’s contributions to the energy industry. Robert founded Renewable Exchange – the first PPA platform in the UK – in 2016 and today it is already recognised as the global leader for utility PPA trading. The introduction of the platform with its data insights and smart tools began a process of industry-wide transition, leading to a more fair and robust market.
Robert continues to engage with the energy industry, sharing knowledge and inspiring change. As a great entrepreneur, he understands the market needs and continues to address them with the latest innovative solutions developed at Renewable Exchange. With new products in the pipeline, the company continues to grow and deliver value to renewable generators of all technologies and sizes.

Renewable Exchange shortlisted for the Utility Partner of the Year Award for the Lightning PPA standardised contract

Utility Week Awards
At Renewable Exchange we build a more efficient, simple and transparent PPA market. We developed Lightning PPA to make the PPA execution process quick and easy every time for both the generators and utility offtakers. Making it as finalists in the Utility Partner of the Year category is a fantastic recognition of our work supporting renewables!
So far this year, Lightning PPA has been used on nearly 400 contracts! Most recently, thanks to the Lightning PPA option, Clean Earth was able to contract 46 individual PPAs in just a few minutes. Here’s a press release about their fantastic results and smooth deal execution:

We are really honoured and proud to have been nominated and we also congratulate all the other nominees!
We now look forward to meeting again with our customers, partners and friends at the Awards ceremonies in London and Edinburgh over the next two months. If you’re going to be there, too, let us know!

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