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Renewable Exchange

Large-scale generation, portfolios and multi-tech sites

Maximising the value of your assets for investors and owners is a key priority. Renewable Exchange offers you the ability to quickly react to market movements and the flexibility to decide when to tender. Trade power in a transparent and dynamic way, with complete visibility of the bids and the ability to select the counterparties with which you execute. With Renewable Exchange, managing your PPAs – even for multiple sites and complex portfolios – is easy and efficient.

{Renewable Exchange offered a simple and transparent way to sell our power. There were a large number of major parties bidding on our assets whom I wasn’t aware were participating in the market. Execution was straightforward and saved a lot of resources in our business.{

Thomas Milner, Asset Manager, ib vogt GmbH

Planned and newly commissioned projects

Renewable energy assets in the development phase need bespoke contracts to ensure delays or scope changes don’t incur excessive charges.

The Renewable Exchange team will take the time to understand the requirements of your project and negotiate the PPA terms on your behalf. We will help you run a highly competitive PPA tender and achieve the best export power price with a reliable offtaker.

Community projects and medium-scale generation

If you own a medium-scale asset or manage multiple smaller sites, it is crucial to be able to optimise the PPAs effectively.

Finding the best PPA price and maximising the value of renewable certificates can be difficult. Renewable Exchange will help you achieve the best PPA deal with a creditworthy offtaker with just a few clicks.

Tender at a convenient time and set up trigger price alerts to make sure you don’t miss out when the market is high. Use our standardised power purchase agreement document – the Lightning PPA – to lock the best value PPA instantaneously online.

{Being a community hydro generator means we have to choose carefully when entering into a new contract and that can be very difficult when bids are framed differently. Renewable Exchange allowed us to compare bids from multiple offtakers on a like-for-like basis and we were able to onboard our new offtaker confidently, quickly and efficiently.{
Martin Petty, Community Hydro Chairmen, Scotland

Small-scale generation

Your renewable energy asset may be an additional source of revenue for you but it can still generate serious income. It would normally be time-consuming and daunting to reach out to multiple energy suppliers to get the best PPA quote. Using the Renewable Exchange platform, you can reach all the trustworthy offtakers with one click and secure a PPA online in minutes. Our PPA price forecasting tool will also help you understand whether the FiT or PPA is a better option for your asset (minimum annual export of 1,000 MWhs).

{I have just used Renewable Exchange for the first time! I have two turbines and was delighted with the results that they achieved for me! I dealt with Kirsten who kept in contact with me regarding market movements. I am now receiving a much higher rate on my PPA contracts and would highly recommend them, wished I had used them sooner!{

Brian Candy, Farmer, Cornwall