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310 generators maximise PPA value in 2021 using Renewable Exchange Platform

June 4 2021

The continued rise in UK power prices (which have gained 43% this year for Winter 21 annual contracts) has seen unprecedented demand from independent generators and asset owners to use the hugely popular Renewable Exchange platform to transact PPAs. As of time of writing, the platform has tendered and concluded 310 PPAs so far in 2021. Asset owners returning to the platform have typically seen their PPAs increase in value by £14 – £29 per MWh. One generator secured an incredible £98.21 per MWh on a 6 month contract. These higher prices result in millions of pounds of additional revenue for generators at a time when embedded benefits income streams have been significantly reduced. The increased PPA value has been achieved universally across multiple technologies and contract terms. The high UK power prices coupled with Renewable Exchange’s fully automated tendering has seen a change in generator behaviour, prompting many to lock contracts out further ahead by tendering PPAs spanning 2023 and 2024. The platform supports leading multinational infrastructure investors and independent landowners to access market value in a transparent and efficient manner. Generators react to power market price alerts and utilise the platform’s automation to run tenders in a competitive environment, choosing their preferred supplier from a wide range of bidders. Assets owners and suppliers are now using the Renewable Exchange embedded ‘Digital PPA’. This means the platform is fully automated from tender to transaction, providing a digital end-to-end solution for assets owners and suppliers alike.
Robert Ogden Founder and CEO Renewable Exchange “In 2018 we set out to disrupt a market that was inefficient and opaque, with generators often paying the price for being at an information disadvantage. I am so proud to now see the value which our innovative technology has brought to the entire PPA market in the UK. Renewable Exchange has well and truly disrupted and democratised the way renewable electricity is transacted, forcing out bad behaviour and championing transparency and efficiency in what could be one of the most important commodity markets of our generation.”
About Renewable Exchange Renewable Exchange is an online digital marketplace and insight platform for Power Purchase Agreements. Founded in 2016 by Robert Ogden, Renewable Exchange serves over 1400 independent generators in the UK representing over 4.2 GW of installed capacity. Renewable Exchange is supporting both existing operational assets and new projects looking to be developed subsidy-free in the UK via its suite of market insight tools and an innovative PPA marketplace which enables generators of any size to fully optimise and transact the sale of their electricity. Media enquiries: [email protected]
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