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Power Market Update – 13 March 2020

March 13 2020

Dramatic start to the week as the oil prices dropped 31% over the weekend. Continued pressure from the US and China trade dispute to blame amongst other things, this contributed to depressed power prices on Monday.

More Coronavirus concerns as cases grow in Europe causing more of a tsunami than a ripple effect on Global markets. World stocks dropped to the lowest point since the financial crisis of 2008 and oil prices have had the biggest decline since 1991. UK power has been very volatile as a reflection of this.

However, not all doom and gloom as Summer 20 has traded almost 3% up this week. In further good news wind generation in Europe reached a record high of 27% in February 2020, much higher than the 18% in February 2019.

See below for a PPA valuation of a AD 800kW hydro asset from the Renewable Exchange Marketplace forecasting tool since February 12th 2020.

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