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An introduction to PPAs (free webinar)

April 13 2022

On the 28th April 2022, Oliver Hunt, our UK Sales Manager, will speak at the online webinar organised by Local Energy Scotland: An introduction to Power Purchase Agreements.

The webinar will be particularly interesting for members of community groups who either operate or are looking to build renewable energy sites. Local Energy Scotland supports local energy projects in Scotland and manages the Scottish Government’s Community and Renewable Energy Scheme (CARES).

What to expect from the webinar?

In the UK, renewable energy generated from assets of various sizes can be exported to the grid or sent directly to the consumer via a private wire. When it is exported to the grid, a power purchase agreement (PPA) is required.

Renewable Exchange offers community groups and organisations a simple and quick way of securing the best PPA price. As a generator, you can tender the PPA through the Renewable Exchange online platform and choose a reliable offtaker that you want to contract with.

In the webinar, Oliver will provide an overview of the current market and explain the process of obtaining the best PPA price and securing a good contract.

Oliver says:

“Community-owned generation plays a crucial role in the UK’s energy growth strategy. At Renewable Exchange, we’ve worked with many community groups over the past few years on some really exciting renewable energy projects including solar, hydro and wind sites. We’re here to help enable community groups to find the best PPA price for their projects and maximise the value they deliver.”

An introduction to Power Purchase Agreements webinar

Oliver will be joined by Younity – one of the offtakers using the Renewable Exchange platform.

About Younity: “Younity are currently purchasing community owned electricity from around 200 Power Purchase Agreements (PPA’s) from community energy projects across Great Britain which is linked to Your Co-op Energy’s Community Power tariff. This is a domestic supply tariff that sources 100% of its electricity from community owned generation through Younity’s PPAs, the power is assigned to this tariff through the REGO’s to prove the origin of where the energy has comes from.”

Contact us to register for the webinar or to learn more about how Renewable Exchange can support you.

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