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Bristol Technology Festival

October 4 2021

How to be a disruptor? Why was change needed in the UK energy market? How to introduce innovation to an industry set in its ways? What are day-to-day operations like in a digital tech company? Renewable Exchange answers all these questions in the first session of the Bristol Technology Festival starting 11th October.

“Being an industry disruptor is no doubt challenging. But it is fundamentally necessary and undeniably rewarding,” says Robert Ogden, CEO and Founder of Renewable Exchange. “Introducing new processes – even when they offer huge improvements – always meets resistance. The UK energy market was very rigid and closed. Generators and offtakers alike were used to trading power in certain ways. We’ve now managed to overcome the initial curbs. Our platform empowers generators with data helping them make better informed decisions about their assets. We are proud to be making a real difference in the market.”

This is the first time Renewable Exchange will host an event at the Bristol Technology Festival. “I’m keen to share our insights on the complexities of developing a digital platform and managing quick service expansion,” says Michal Zglinski, Renewable Exchange’s Chief Technology Officer. “As we grow, we continue to introduce new features to the platform. Innovation never stops. Engaging in events and discussions is a great way of finding new ideas but participating in the Bristol Technology Festival lets us inspire others with our story, too.” 

Renewable Exchange was founded in Bristol in 2016 to bring more transparency to the UK energy market. It was the first online platform connecting renewable energy generators directly with buyers to ensure an open & competitive power trading process. It now serves over 1700 independent generators in the UK representing over 4 GW of installed capacity. It is the largest platform of this type in the UK.

It is free to join the event but registration is required. Tickets are available via Eventbrite.

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