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COP26 – together we can deliver on our goals

November 1 2021

One of the crucial enablers of the world’s transition to net-zero is mobilising finance to support new projects and encouraging change at all levels – the more people and businesses contribute, the better results we will achieve. 

The 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) in Glasgow started on the 31st October. World leaders unite to discuss the challenges and solutions to achieving global net-zero target, improve sustainability and protect communities and natural habitats. 

At Renewable Exchange, we’re really proud that our solutions contribute to the build-out of renewable energy projects in the UK (PPA trading platform connecting buyers and sellers of energy and providing easy access to data). With generators, investors and project developers being able to secure better prices for their power, many new green investments can finally get a go-ahead. 

More innovation and better infrastructure are still needed. In a highly volatile power market, improvements to the supply chain and focus on the UK’s energy security are crucial. We need to find ways to further drive development costs down for renewable projects, improve market access and ensure competitiveness in pricing. 

Beyond our business mission, we also take steps individually. Robert Ogden, the Founder and CEO of Renewable Exchange, is actively involved in consultations issued by the Minister of State for Energy, Clean Growth and Climate Change – helping to shape the government’s initiatives for the industry.

All our employees are also strong advocates of sustainability. We’re proud that our entire team has taken steps to reduce their travel-related emissions and opted to cycle, use public transport or switch to electric transport this year. With the majority of our team choosing to eat only vegetarian or vegan meals, we have all started to make more conscious decisions about what we eat (an important step considering food production is one of the biggest contributors to greenhouse gases emissions). 

It’s still a long way to go, but we believe that together we can deliver on our goals.  

Learn more about COP26 – UN Climate Change Conference and goals for the Conference.

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