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Earth Day 2022 – supporting renewables

April 22 2022

We’re celebrating Earth Day today! This year’s theme is “Invest In Our Planet”, calling businesses to shift towards more sustainable practices.

Making sustainable business decisions requires a conscious effort. This year, at Renewable Exchange, we’ll be working towards reducing our carbon impact and also compensating for (offsetting) our business carbon emissions. The whole team at Renewable Exchange is actively involved – we’re already net-zero commuting!

As a company working in the power trading sector, we’re proud to contribute to the build-out of renewables in the UK, too. We help ensure renewable energy projects are viable even without government subsidies. We work with developers and asset managers to secure the best rates for their export power. With higher returns on investment guaranteed, more projects can get built.

Since last year we’ve supported 6 subsidy-free renewable energy developments in securing best rate PPAs and we are working with many more.

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Planned and newly commissioned renewable energy projects – securing PPAs

Renewable energy assets in the development phase need bespoke power purchase agreements which ensure that the investors are protected financially from any delays or difficulties with project delivery.

At Renewable Exchange we help developers and investors in negotiating the best terms for their PPAs, including spill contract periods, credit cover agreements and, of course, the price.

If you’re developing a renewable energy project, get in touch with our team to discuss your requirements: email [email protected]

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