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Press release: Over 200 PPAs complete through the Renewable Exchange platform in 2022

June 16 2022

• Assets’ export capacity ranged from 40 kW to 25MW
• 60 generators renewed through the platform for the 4th or 5th time
• Shift in timing of PPA contracting with more than half of contracts starting in 2023 and beyond

Renewable Exchange is pleased to report 230 PPAs awarded through the platform in 2022 by the beginning of June, with further 80 due to complete soon.
The contracts executed through the platform were for assets ranging in capacity from 40kW to 25MW and across all renewable energy technologies, from hydro through energy from waste to wind and solar.

Renewable Exchange’s online PPA marketplace connects energy generators with the entire market of utility offtakers in the UK. The leading PPA platform offers generators a suite of data analytics tools, including PPA price forecasting, and the ability to tender their PPAs any day of the week.

Short-term utility PPAs remain the most popular option in the UK. Most of the PPAs executed through the Renewable Exchange were for 1-2 year periods. Some generators choose to maximise seasonal prices revenues by contracting on a 6-month basis each time.

Increasing number of generators also decide to detach green certificates from their PPAs and sell REGOs separately. The value of REGOs traded through Renewable Exchange reached record levels, too. (Further information is available in Renewable Exchange’s REGO Index update.)

“Our mission is to provide generators of all sizes with easy access to information and a simple and fair method for securing the best price PPAs”, says Robert Ogden, the CEO and Founder of Renewable Exchange. “More than half of the sites securing PPAs this year were with returning customers and 60 generators used the Renewable Exchange platform for the 4th or 5th consecutive time. This shows how much our customers appreciate the value they get from using the Renewable Exchange platform to secure PPAs and the trust they have in our solutions. This is a fantastic achievement for us.”

Oliver Hunt, UK Sales Manager, comments on this year’s results:

“We’ve observed a change in the market in how generators lock in their PPAs. Previously, the majority of contracts would be tendered very close to the PPA renewal date – perhaps only a month or two in advance. This year, with increased power prices across all seasons, generators are eager to renew contracts early, with start dates even beyond next year. 37 PPAs had already been signed with start dates in 2024.”

About Renewable Exchange: Renewable Exchange is the largest online platform connecting renewable energy generators and buyers to ensure a transparent & data-driven power purchase agreement (PPA) tender process in the UK.
Renewable Exchange supports both existing operational assets and new projects looking to be developed subsidy-free in the UK and Europe via its suite of market insight tools and an innovative Power Purchase Agreement marketplace which enables generators of any size to fully optimise and transact the sale of their electricity. Founded in 2016 by Robert Ogden, Renewable Exchange serves over 1900 independent generators in the UK representing more than 5.5G W of installed capacity.


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